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Frequently Asked Questions

1-minute summary

Use your phone and our app to unlock your car.

You are only billed for gas you use. Use the Fetch gas card to fill up.

Cancel up to 24 hours in advance with no penalty.

A security hold is required at time of rental.

Pets must be stored in carriers.

Smoking is not allowed in Fetch vehicles.

Prepaid cards are not accepted as payment.

How does Fetch work?

Fetch lets you instantly rent a car or truck using just your smart phone.

Simply reserve a Fetch vehicle through our website. Then, complete your member profile by uploading photos of your license.

At time of rental, use your phone to unlock your car and complete your check in process. There are no lines or sales upsells. When you're finished with your Fetch vehicle, just return it to the original spot and end your rental using our app.

Do I need a smart phone?

Yes. You will need a smart phone, such as an iPhone or Android device (with an internet connection), to unlock your Fetch vehicle. Once you've checked in, you'll be able to lock and unlock your vehicle with your phone at any time.

There is no app to download. Simply use your Fetch account at rentals.fetchtruck.com to start your rental.

How do I unlock a Fetch vehicle?

Your phone is your key! When you begin a Fetch rental, log into your Fetch account at rentals.fetchtruck.com Fetch will guide you through the process of checking in and unlocking your car.

Where is the car key?

The key is secured safely inside your vehicle. When you start your rental, you'll receive instructions for locating your vehicle's key.

When can I start my rental and unlock my Fetch vehicle?

You can start your rental up to 15 minutes before your scheduled rental time, as long as your vehicle has been returned by the previous renter.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, cancel your reservation up to 24 hours in advance with no penalty. If you don't cancel within 24 hours, you'll be responsible for the full price of your reservation.

How does gas work?

With Fetch, you only pay for the gas you use! Fetch tracks exactly how much gas your vehicle uses during its rental. Gas prices are based on local market data available at gasprices.aaa.com.

Need to fill up? Just use the Fetch gas card available in your vehicle. Fetch will cover the cost of your fill up, and you'll only be responsible for the cost of the gas your vehicle uses during its rental.

Make sure to use regular gas, grade 87 or 89. Make sure to put your receipt in the glove box.

Can I return my vehicle later than my original return time?

Returning your Fetch rental on time is important so that other Fetchers can use their reservations on time. If you need to extend your reservation time, use the 'Extend Rental' option availabe in your Fetch account.

If there's no upcoming reservation, you'll be able to extend your rental. If your vehicle isn't returned within 15 minutes of your return time, and this prevents another Fetch renter from starting their reservation on time, you'll receive an additional $30 late-return charge.

Can I reserve multiple days?

Of course! Just select multiple days when reserving your Fetch vehicle.

How does pricing work for hours and miles?

Have a short trip? Book Fetch vehicles for as short as an hour. If you need your car for the entire day, use our daily rate.

Most Fetch rentals include free base miles (per day) to get you going. Once you've used your free miles, you'll just pay the additional mileage rate after that.

What is the additional security hold on my credit card?

When you pick up your Fetch vehicle, a security hold (typically $75 or $150) will be placed on your credit card. This is not a fee. (It is very similar to the damage and incidentals hold that hotels will place on your credit card.) It is 100% refundable back to you if you return your vehicle without any damage.

Your security deposit will be refunded within 7 days of your rental.

Are prepaid cards accepted?

No. Fetch does not accept prepaid cards.


At Fetch, we love all fur babies. In Fetch vehicles, all pets must be transported in latched pet carriers. If evidence of free-roaming pets is found, you'll be responsible for a minimum $30 pet-cleaning fee.

Can I smoke in Fetch vehicles?

Smoking is not allowed. If you smoke in a Fetch rental, a $500 cleaning fees will apply.